Invest In Death

When Newport’s most sought after investment advisor meets her death while cruising on a sail boat surrounded by several of her biggest clients, amateur sleuth Caroline Kent finds herself in the middle of another murder investigation. Newport. Newport police detective Lt. Hank Nightingale is sure he knows who murdered Althea Tanner, but Caroline is certain that the police detective is mistaken.

Caroline joins forces with one of the cruise’s passengers to find the real killer, and Hank must deal not only with the possibility that he has made the wrong arrest, but that Caroline will solve the case without him.

This story is one of greed and betrayal set in the city best known for its gilt and glamour. Invest In Death offers a tale of financial intrigue straight from today’s news headlines.

“An engaging and enjoyable whodunit that should keep readers guessing until the end.”

                                                  – Kirkus Reviews