Gilded Death


The gala June engagement part of Imogen Revel in the ballroom of Mon Plaisir, her family’s Newport mansion, is tragically interrupted by the death of her fiancé, Hugh Dockings, after drinking from a glass of poisoned burgundy. The death becomes even more mysterious when it is discovered that the wine goblet had been Imogen’s, not Hugh’s. Which was the intended victim?

Caroline Kent, who had been standing next to Hugh when he collapsed, becomes the chief witness whom Newport police detective Hank Nightingale must question when he arrives at Mon Plaisir. But their relationship, which began so promisingly in Murder Stalks A Mansion, now appears rocky.

Once again, the case is complicated, the suspects numerous, the clues often baffling. Putting aside their personal feelings, Caroline and Hank team up to solve the crime. But before this murder is explained Caroline faces deadly danger from an unexpected adversary and gains a surprising insight into her relationship with Hank.